Thursday, February 01, 2007


Now THIS (item #300075391794) is funny.

When doing some research on PLC Repair for another client (that's PLC as in Programmable Logic Controller), I entered it into eBay to see if I could get any responses, and this is what it spat out: a non-functional Sanyo PLC XU35 2000 projector.

According to the seller, "This unit is in POOR functional condition and EXCELLENT cosmetic condition. It looks like new." Caveat emptor applies in large quantities here, and certainly, this seller is completely up-front and honest about this.

But, since when is there a market for a non-functional projector, especially when it's priced at $79.99? And that's not even the buy-it-now price!

I truly appreciate the vendor's honesty, I really do. But what are his motivations? And a better question: what would be the ideal user for a DEAD high-definition projector? There are certainly many uses, such as if a person was to need a non-functional prop for a film, or needed something that they'd be willing to destroy on camera, but at $79.99 (even without shipping), one is better off approaching a repair store or even the manufacturer to see if they can get a non-functional unit. Heck, even an electronics recycling depot. But, perhaps the piece might be salvageable for parts, which might be important to consider, when you learn that most modern electronics are cheaper to replace than repair, considering the per-unit costs of manufacturing.

But, with only 30 minutes left in his auction (as of this writing), I guess we'll never know.

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