Monday, February 19, 2007


So, you're into home renovations, but you aren't looking to start up a painting franchise? Then for the price of $29.95, YOU TOO CAN START YOUR OWN BUSINESS (item #230091607849). WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOOSE [sic]?!

As much as I hate to play grammar cop (Brian Sack, the writer of is much better than it than I), stuff like this gives me a serious, serious headache.

Given my lack of expertise in the home improvement field, I might be completely wrong. But given the caveat emptor angle that I've been approaching lately, a few things really kinda just...bug me.

For example, the seller suggests that with the right tools, installing interior trim and faux paint is as easy as chewing gum. Okay, fair enough. Considering the rise in DIY home renovations and the availability of tools at local hardware stores, this isn't a complete stretch. But, according to the seller, he's been in the home renovation business for 15 years. So, to HIM, it's easy. But for those who've never so much as held a HAMMER?

For $29.95, much of what he is selling (i.e.: information) could easily be obtained for free by going to the local hardware store and just asking around. Generating leads is done by networking. However, one needs experience in order to get work, and unless a lot of your friends want to get interior trim and faux paint installed, expect this to take a very, VERY long time. Although, given the rise in unlicensed contractors and the ability to just "disappear" after you screw over a client, it should be relatively easy to make money.

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