Friday, February 16, 2007

Dogs Playing Poker Sympathy Cards 16x20 Art Print

Dogs Playing Poker is a series of paintings by artist CM Coolidge, depicting, well, dogs playing poker. Originally commissioned by a Brown & Bigelow advertising company, they were originally intended for use for a cigar company. These all have interesting titles and situations, such as "Post Mortem," "A Bold Bluff," and "A Friend in Need." Fairly burned into the public

So, when I was looking up sympathy gifts and sympathy cards, and it spat this out (item #330088611050), I was a little confused.

I actually had to re-read the auction a few times before I realized that these aren't something that you would actually give to someone when you're offering your condolences over the loss of a loved one, unless they happened to be really, really avid Texas Holdem players or had an appreciation for kitschy advertising art.

After some minor research, the painting itself is actually entitled "Poker Sympathy," and the seller decided to simplify the auction header as "Dogs Playing Poker Sympathy Cards," instead of the more grammatically correct (and more accurate), "Dogs Playing Poker: 'Poker Sympathy,' 16x20 art prints."

Although, given that bereavement is a bit of a emotionally sensitive time, maybe a bit of a humour might be welcome. But then, I'm also a guy who would want people telling dirty, filthy jokes at my funeral. Even if it's at church.

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