Thursday, February 08, 2007

Emergency Sex Kit

Now THIS (item #280078575964) is a Valentine's Day gift that I can truly appreciate.

While most people looking for slightly more serious emergency kits (i.e.: for a potentially life-threatening emergency) may wish to give this one a pass, but this one really made me laugh.

With an initial bid of $30 USD, this kit contains:
  • bag of flour
  • a brown paper bag
  • large jar of Vaseline
  • 12 X-Large condoms
  • 2 cigarettes
  • a pack of aspirin
  • mouthwash
Considering the combined retail price of these items and the fact that it comes in its own display case, $30 might not actually be a bad deal (although as of this writing, the auction is now up to $45), of course discounting the fact that for the seller, his (I'm assuming that a guy put this together) per-unit cost is probably under $30 when the items are purchased in bulk.

It took me a while to figure out what the flour was for, but given the tendency for flour to clump up and the level of difficulty in removing once exposed to moisture, especially from porous materials like fabric and hair, baby powder might be a more viable alternative.

But then, it's a novelty joke item anyway.

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