Thursday, February 08, 2007

Swarovski Crystals Makeup Cosmetic Compact Mirror

Does anything about this item (#140082047422) look familiar to you at all?

Several of the auctions put forth by this particular eBay seller are compact makeup mirrors that have "authentic Swarovski Crystal" embedded into the surface. But, at a glance, it has one of the most recognizable popular culture icons in existence. This fact is not mentioned in the auction at all.

As expected by all major corporations, Disney is absolutely merciless when it comes to protecting their trademarks. This had led to a significant amount of criticism of their business ethnics, especially when you consider their targets (usually small businesses that ultimately don't pose much threat), plus their own less-than-clean track records (i.e.: improper criminal record checks on Disneyland employees).

One only need to do some research to see how a small model building company was pressured into renaming their product "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" to "The Bellringer of Notre Dame" as a result of Disney's legal pressure, despite the fact that Dumas' tale is public domain.

This might explain why this product is not categorized as a Disney product, since the Mickey Mouse ears look pretty darned familiar. Counterfeit licensed merchandise is quite common in the flea markets of China, which also puts into question the level of authenticity of the Swarovski crystals , especially when the official Swarovski Cyrstal website prices a hair comb at over $100 CDN, several times what the initial auction is for a makeup compact.

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