Monday, February 19, 2007

14lb Ebonite Clear Skull Ball Bowling Ball. NEW!

So, you've gotten married, settled into Georgia, purchased your prime piece of Blue Ridge Real Estate, and you're looking for something to do. Given the close proximity to nature, you'd probably wouldn't wanna be spending it all indoors with a remote control in your hand, instead, going for hikes and white water rafting. But, when the weather ain't so hot, you might wanna take in something a little more...indoorsy. But, considering that the official website lists "bowling" and "bingo" under the arts and entertainment, that kinda leaves your options somewhat limited.

But, you can easily make the best of it and easily be the talk of the town with this little item (item #290083820212).

Of course, the skull is made up of some other material (it'd probably be really unethical or disrespectful to use an ACTUAL human skull), but damn, these things are pretty frickin' cool.

The first time I recall hearing of these was when I saw the movie Mystery Men, in which a character (aptly named "The Bowler") has a bowling ball encasing her deceased father's skull, which she can throw around with deadly accuracy (much like Captain America's shield).

I'm guessing that they don't have these as fixtures of the bowling alley as they would have a tendency to get stolen by unscrupulous customers. Mind you, one would have to be very discreet in order for that to happen.

Although if you're in Blue Ridge, I don't imagine that you go there for the bowling, and you'd probably be better off buying a good pair of hiking boots and a helmet and life vest for white water rafting.

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