Thursday, February 08, 2007


Got $5000 kicking around? And, were you looking to get DNA Testing for yourself and all your friends for free? And, were you looking to see if your children have been taking drugs without your knowledge? If so, you to can be the proud owner of your very own DNA and Drug Testing Business (item #140080524479).

As much as the eBay seller insists that this is not a hoax, I can't help but question this. The distinctive lack of a feedback rating isn't doing much to boost my confidence either. But, here are a few questions I have...
  • What am I getting for $5000? Equipment? Considering that a professional level centrifuge machine runs can run you several thousand, I'm guessing not. Facilities? Considering the price of real estate these days, I'm also guessing not. Advertising? Considering the price of television air time, I'm also guessing not.
  • Doesn't one need a certain type of technical knowledge in order to do this?
  • Why the heck is this guy selling this on eBay?
But on the plus side, he's offering free shipping.

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