Thursday, February 08, 2007


For those who just can't be bothered to do it themselves, this enterprising eBayer has something innovative (item #290054199133) for the paranoid book lover in your life. Provided that he/she happens to regularly read Jackie Collins novels.

Hollowed-out books for hidden storage purposes aren't really anything new, although I didn't realize that there existed a market for an item like this, especially since this can easily be done with a box cutter and a bit of patience. Whatever book you choose to use is up to you, provided that it's can use a thick tome like a Catholic Bible or the Complete Works of Shakespeare.

In the seller's other auctions, he/she refers to these books as the "poor man's safe," which is actually sorta funny, considering that for the price of a box cutter/exacto knife (approximately $5 or less) and a used hardcover book at the local used bookstore (on average $5 or less), putting up against $17.95 USD and $6 S/H, "poor man's safe" is sort of a misnomer.

But then, there is also the time consideration. Depending on the thickness of the book and the level of quality craftsmanship you are able to perform, $23.95 USD might not be such a bad deal. However, if you're lifestyle dictates that you don't rely on safety deposit boxes, $23.95 might be put to better use.

That, and you might want to be a little more selective about which book you choose to empty out. If this book sat in a shelf with slightly more "literary" selections (ie: not romance novels), it might be a dead giveaway.

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