Thursday, February 22, 2007

Disaster Hygiene Kit (set Of 20)

This eBayer is selling disaster kits. For the germ phobic (item #270092430736).

Given the controversy regarding over-prescribing antibiotics for non-bacterial related infections, it's pretty easy to criticize something like this, although on the plus side, it's not necessarily marketed as an anti-bacterial product.

However, I seriously question how much of a hygienic impact one can make with a bar of soap, a toothbrush, a sample tube of toothpaste, and nine wetnaps.

That, and I seriously question the monetary value assigned to this product. $29.95 for a bunch of items that can be easily swiped from any hotel room or restaurant? And also, consider this...the retail value of a pack of Wet Ones (pack of 15) moistened towelettes goes for under $3, a toothbrush for about the same, and a three pack of full-sized bars of soap for about $3 or less, and a full tube of toothpaste is usually about $3. Total: at or around $12, and you get a lot more too.

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