Sunday, April 22, 2007


In honour of Earth Day, it's probably appropriate that I make a reference to someone who is probably making a difference to keeping crap out of our landfills that ultimately end up in our drinking water and polluting our environment.

Like this guy here (item #280106290517).

The auction comes from a group referring to themselves as Retail Recyclers, although in this case, it really feels like a dumping ground, or a way to unload stuff that they can't otherwise get rid of without putting in the trash or incurring a disposal fee.

Regardless of emerging technologies, cordless phone battery (NiCD, NiMH, LiON) typically has a
limited number of charges, after which it must be replaced, and the old one is tossed or sent to a recycling depot. As this particular item is "used" and shows signs of wear, it suggests that the product has been charged multiple times and as a result, probably won't hold much of a charge.

But hey, for $.99 (plus shipping), think it might be worth a shot?

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