Monday, April 02, 2007

Rivercrest SANITARIUM Drug Alcohol Rehab ASTORIA LI NY

This actually mildly disturbing, but for the right person, this would be...y'know, it's still disturbing.

This item up for bid (#270037964852) is a postcard promoting a turn-of-the century mental hospital, complete with separate buildings for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

I guess we can be slightly grateful for the pains made by the patients who have taken treatment that we today would refer to as barbaric so we wouldn't have to. However, when the words "electro therapy" and "drug habituation" appear in the same context, it's a little bit frightening.

Today, the definition of drug abuse has been expanded to include prescription drug addiction, which is why I'm sorta grateful that today, ECT has largely been phased out, or at least is controversial enough that its use in treating drug addiction would seem as a bit ironic -- prescription drugs, provided by the state, intended to cure or treat illness. Using ECT, which may or may not harm patients (or at least induce memory loss), to treat a condition caused by medical care...

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