Saturday, April 14, 2007

Grandfather Clock Chalk? Thermometer ~ Columbus, GA

It's interesting when items are referred to in abstract and subjective terms such as "nice," and then go onto describing the condition, which usually indicates that it's been bounced around a few times, and will likely be bounced around a few more times before it gets to you.

Like this item here.

Whoever made this just decided put out a bunch of thermometers and embed them into pieces of chalk shaped like grandfather clocks. Allegedly, the item is something you'd find in a souvenir shop from Columbus, Georgia, and happens to have a picture of a peach on the front. This makes some level of sense, considering that peaches are an export from Georgia, but I tend to associate peaches with California.

But, this somewhat defeats the purpose of souvenirs, especially if you haven't been to the place in question...

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