Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lego Laptop Folding table

Okay people. Please, please, PLEASE accurately name your items up for bid when you sell stuff on eBay. Like, PLEASE.

There really isn't anything "wrong" with this product, actually. I used to play with Lego myself when I was younger and would always build things like robots and cars and houses and things like that. For the right kid, this would be a pretty cool thing to have, and considering that Lego tends to be pretty expensive, $10 (current bid) ain't actually that bad.

All the convenience that comes with folding tables and storage space for your blocks...but, the fact that the seller refers to this item (item #270108265261) as a "Laptop" table, is somewhat confusing. And that, and is it because the laptop itself is made out of Lego?

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