Saturday, April 21, 2007


Items that are purported to have mystical properties always find their way into this blog...why? I guess because I don't understand them.

For example, take this item (#220104111204), a Celtic cross that has supposedly been haunted and possessed, and has supposedly been used in healing. Or, it could be.

As a person with a sort of religious upbringing, I have at least respect for other religious cultures and know enough not to attempt to force my beliefs on others. The way I see it, the path to enlightenment and salvation is irrelevant, provided that you live a good life according to certain moral tenets (ie: don't be a jerk).

But, trying to profit off of it? Mass-produced, items like these are generally inexpensive to produce and sell, although the $5 shipping charge is a little excessive. If they just told it for what it is, they probably might be able to move a few units. Surely, Wicca is a little bit beyond materialism?

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