Sunday, April 22, 2007

Vintage Goldish Brown Northern Telecom Telephone Phone

You know you're old when something that looks familiar (item #150112476770) is considered "vintage" or "retro".

Probably not recommended expenditures if you happen to run a large business and you've made the use of telecom consulting services, but for the rest of us, this just feels odd, especially since this isn't something that would be completely out of place in a lot of households.

This actually sort of looks like a phone that I have in my apartment somewhere. In some ways, this is a bit of a relic of yesteryear, especially since a lot of people within my age bracket have elected to ditch the whole land line altogether (and considering my monthly phone bill, even WITHOUT long distance, it's a tempting consideration).

But, considering that I still remember phones looking like this, this really, really makes me feel old. My idea of a "vintage" phone doesn't include rotary dials, because I grew up with one of those in the household. My idea involves those ones that you only see in the movies where you have the ear piece separate from the mouth piece, and you have to crank the thing on the side to get it working.

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