Monday, April 02, 2007

Truck, SUV or wall gunrack gun rack shotgun rifle NR

Whether it's a truck rack or CD player, if you can install it in your vehicle, eBay has the right accessory for you. Of course, the various rules apply, such as making sure that you get the make and model of your vehicle right (especially if accessories are a little more specific for your vehicle).

This one, is not so specific though.

But, if you have this (item #190097555663), you might have to be a redneck.

This one is particularly amusing to me, because the seller suggests that it can be installed in an SUV. One would suspect that a gun rack would be more suitable in a rural environment, for which the driver would most likely be taking the vehicle on hunting trips. However, contrary to what the marketing will tell you, most SUVs are not actually equipped for 4x4ing, which would not make this an ideal accessory for your Jeep Cherokee.

It is appropriate that it happens to be in an effeminate colour bright turquoise. As it is, the seller quips, "Yes, its blue, but remember, when it has a gun in it, who will comment?" This seems like something Paris Hilton would purchase for The Simple Life, if only it were in pink.

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