Thursday, May 03, 2007

Orlando Disney Vacation Rental 4BR POOL Home SLEEPS 8+

Vacation homes have become extremely prolific on eBay, especially those in Orlando, FL, where the use of Walt Disney's name is used as a main selling feature. However, considering the level of litigation that the Disney company has engaged in over the years, it's surprising that they haven't decided to take a piece of the action, especially when the seller just happens to go by the name "mouselovers."

But, a Disney vacation home that sleeps 6 in a 3-bedroom (item #320108735305)? Pfft. Amateurs. If you've seen a standard 3-bedroom house after a teenager's party, you'll quickly realize that it can sleep significantly more than 6, especially when you start making inventive use of the kitchen counter, the bathtub, and the front entrance.

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