Thursday, March 08, 2007

Set of 2 Ladder Rack NR

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to laugh at this one (item #170089083603) or not.

This eBay seller refers to themselves as Bargainland, who prides themselves on selling really cheap crap.

Even THEY admit that their stuff might not even work, as said on their "Caveat Emptor" page:

Bargainland is unable to spend a great deal of time testing and checking each item beyond a casual observation of the physical condition and, in some cases, whether or not the unit powers on (if it is electrical).

Yet somehow, they've been able to attain almost 200,000 feedbacks from their auctions, and with 90.1% positive feedback (as of this writing), they must be selling something good. Surprisingly, most of their negative feedback ratings come from people who didn't get their item, not by people who were given something that was broken.

But, considering that they can't even be bothered to figure out this even an actual ladder rack, I'd bid very carefully. But I'm a little concerned when they say that the item is sold as is...take a closer look at that photo and there is a lot of weird miscellaneous debris lying around.

And I love how their slogan: "Bargainland: Where low prices come first and customer services comes second." You can't beat truth in advertising like that.

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