Thursday, March 08, 2007


Lesson #23561. Read the auction very carefully (item #330095694331).

If you're looking for a computer memory upgrade or you want to store more pictures on your camera, eBay has just about everything you want. Even how to get it cheaper than you could possibly buy it on eBay.

eBay seems to have been excessively inundated with auctions such as these. Considering that the products are not actually tangible, it's an easy sale for anybody. No shipping required, as the item is information, which is transmissible through e-mail or the web.

Most of these information auctions have few votes on them, although these things make it harder to search for things when they're just everywhere. I strongly suspect spambots that are setting these up, especially since the seller added some code to make it so the images can't be downloaded (I had to use screen capture and Photoshop to get the image).

I'm wondering how many people placed bids, thinking that they were going to be getting an actual memory stick. I still remember that one time the person was selling a Playstation 2 box. As in an empty cardboard box without the Sony Playstation 2 in it.

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