Saturday, March 24, 2007

1965 Simmons Hide A Bed Sleeper Sofa ad

This person is selling an ad for sleeper sofas. No. He's not selling ad SPACE, he's selling an ad from an old magazine from 1965. That's right. He's selling the ACTUAL AD (item #260098333224).

It's "suitable for framing," yet it's a double page spread that clearly did not occur within the center spread pages of a magazine, which means that it has to be split in two.

This may be of limited value to a lot of people (as it is, visit the user's eBay store and there's a long list of items that have ZERO bid on them). However, this isn't to say that he isn't selling stuff...anything that has images of celebrities can garner some interest. But, I would probably estimate that less than 2% of his auctions have garnered interest.

For people with VERY specific design tastes, it might have some use, such as if you are running a period diner and you want to have framed print ads from the 50s and 60s, or say if you are running a car repair place and you want to have pictures of old car ads. But pictures of COUCHES?! With a split down the middle?

Clearly, the seller is taking a bit of a shotgun approach, and it very much appears that these are old magazines that he had lying around the house and he thought he could turn it around.

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