Thursday, March 15, 2007


If you sell it, they will bid.

No, they will not.

Whether your living room decor consists of sectional sofas, love seats, or couches, you can be guaranteed that weird crap will fall into the cracks, like change. This can instantly add resale value to whatever it is you're selling. But this person isn't actually selling the furniture itself, but they're selling the crap that fell into the cracks.

Lo and behold... (item #130090882009)

The seller claims that his son (pictured left) wants to go to college and loves to learn how to save money. But, the first thing he's going to buy with it is a book about the movie Cars. While I internally debate on the long-term practicality of the purchase, it's not really for me to decide. On the other hand, I don't see how purchasing this book will necessarily get him any closer to his dream of academic achievement.

As it stands, with an opening bid of $0.01 USD and absolutely zero bids (as of this posting), I don't think that his college fund is going to be growing by any great degree right away, especially since he's offering free shipping. As eBay takes a certain percentage of a sale, it'll be even less. I've always been curious as to what the eBay fee schedule is like when the item goes for exactly one penny.

If the child in question does go to college, I hope that he develops grammar skills that are better than his parents. When nouns are pluralized, they do NOT have a possessive apostrophe. IE: it's "Cheerios," not "Cheerio's."

Addendum, April 4th, 2007. Whaddaya know...he actually got a winning bid of $4.

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