Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Salvia Extract #5 Limited Time Sample Deal! Free Ship!!

When looking up portable water filters on eBay, it ended up spitting out this (item #330098005519).

Wow, far-out, man.

This is by far one of the most atrociously-written eBay auctions ever. I don't even know what this product is supposed to be.

From what I gathered from the auction itself, "OUR product is Just Pure Salvinorian (sic) A placed on to (sic) organicly (sic) grown plain leaf"

According to some minor research, this is an incredibly powerful hallucinogen, which just happens to be legal within many parts of the United States. And, with some more research, the seller actually spelled it wrong: it's actually "Salvinorin A." But, considering that the seller isn't even aware that "onto" is one word, not two, I guess I should probably cut him a bit of slack.

But then, it really appears that he was under the influence of Salvinorin A when he wrote this. Just take a look at the subhead of his auction: "Standardized! Very Diffrent (sic) From What Others Sell."

If it were standardized, wouldn't that make it the same thing as what other people are selling?

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