Wednesday, March 21, 2007

LAS VEGAS NEVADA NV SIN REMOVER humor three 3 monkeys

So, you went to Nevada, blew all your money at the poker table and so you couldn't buy a piece of Las Vegas Real Estate. But, that's still no guarantee that whatever happens in Vegas will stay there, but here's your chance (item #5666344845).

While humour appreciation will vary from person to person, this may make a good gag gift. But, it's fairly low-brow and is even takes the well-worn cliché as used by the Vegas tourism board, but the effort is admirable.

Mind you, I'm not sure what effect having the slightly creepy looking guy in the background of the photo is supposed to have. The seller runs his own eBay store, "Daddy Sold My Toys" and is selling a bunch of these novelty bottles, all with different labels on them.

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