Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ab Sonic- Electronic Muscle Exercise and Toning Belt

Hey, anybody remember seeing this one (item #250093860789) on late night TV?

Yes, for those interested in weight loss but not interested in making any sort of life-long commitment to healthy eating and regular exercise, we have an electro-stimulating belt that claims to cause muscle contractions to essentially replace sit-ups.

For $8.95, the seller favorably compares this product against the AbTronic, which once retailed for $59.95 (at least according to his auction.

But then, considering that the actual AbTronic was recalled by the company, and the fact that it got the company in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission and was forced to stop selling the product as a result, I guess this isn't saying very much, except that you're still getting ripped off, but by less. And, if you purchase multiple belts (and trust me, the seller has lots), you can combine shipping.

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