Wednesday, March 14, 2007


While you might not be able to find generic Ultram drugs on eBay (or even non-generics, for that matter), you can certainly find their swag (item #220091769622).

But why should we buy it?

This brings to mind the huge amount of debate regarding the prevalence of pharmaceutical companies and generic drugs, and the controversies related to them. After all, the pharmaceutical industry is huge, huge business. For those who pay attention to the controversies, or have at least watched The Constant Gardener, it's something that can have a number of moral and ethical dilemmas.

Ultram, the trademarked name for Tramadol, is an analgesic, although it has properties of a narcotic. Hence, it is mostly only available by prescription.

But, as to this item? For all intents and purposes, it's probably a really good stapler. But, considering that it's a freebie branded item that's doled out by pharmaceutical companies in order to persuade doctors into prescribing more of their products (which are typically more expensive and just as effective as generic drugs), it's not something I really support.

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