Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Web Conferencing Room Newest VOIP Technology Free Trial

Um...if it's a free trial, why is it at a starting bid of $0.99? Doesn't that kind of go against the whole idea of "free"?

Web conferencing is one of the biggest things in telecommunications these days, although I still have to scratch my head when I think that major businesses will feel the need to save a few bucks by going on eBay and picking up the first thing they see.

I made a point of viewing the seller's multimedia presentation. I'll gloss over the fact that a lot of the special features that are in this software that this guy is selling (item #260100540792) can also be found in Windows Live Messenger, which can be downloaded for free. But I will point out the fact that the announcer they chose sounds like he has a really bad cold.

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