Saturday, June 16, 2007

Buy my student Loans Feel like a student again

For those who would like to be paying off their debts after finishing school sooner and faster, a valid option is always student loan consolidation. In Canada, we go through a slightly different system with the USA, especially since mine was through the government, although was set up through a financial institution.

But, if you're REALLY lazy or hard up, there's this option (item #220121229674).

Not exactly the first thing that would be recommended by financial planners and advisers, this allows eBay to be used to launch some sort of emotional appeal to the general readership who would find this stuff amusing. Considering what some people have been known to put up, it's not completely surprising (although I can't shake the feeling that someone's done this before).

The gist of the auction is that this guy is attempting to auction off his student loan debt (right now at $140,000 US), which is quite a hefty sum, and several times more than most peoples' pre-taxes salaries fresh out of school (based on the image, it might be presumable that he went to law school...after reading this, I think it's safe to say that he didn't go to business school, and based on the title of his auction, he definitely wasn't an English major). Many other nations offer free higher education, and considering what a lot of undergrads get out of it, would probably be a better option, depending on the field.

He is beckoning for the likes of Golden Palace to sponsor him. Good luck, man.

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