Sunday, June 24, 2007

DDR 200 pin Memory RAM for IBM Lenovo Thinkpad Computer

eBay is usually a pretty good spot for getting good deals on electronics and computer related products. This particular eBay seller is selling IBM memory modules for ThinkPad. Fairly competitively priced (okay, I'm just guessing because I'm feeling really lazy right now), but if you wonder where their profits are going, it's not into their market research.

eBay is comparable to MySpace in several respects, in that the fact that one has to conform to the company's templates, it is usually pretty difficult to put together clean layouts for pages. That, and you have a zillion 3rd party plugins and modules that one can add to their pages, it makes surfing on eBay a headache inducing experience.

This page in particular forces to you to listen to a pre-recorded audio clip. I frantically had to scroll down to the next page to find a way to turn it off. Not all pages have this option.

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