Monday, June 18, 2007

PLASTIC STATUE, St. Joseph, Patron Saint of Real Estate

For believers in the faith, religion can be a useful resource, whether to provide some level of solace, for a social network, for moral and spiritual guidance, and the like.

Patron saints are also a concept of Christianity, with one dedicated for various professions and nations, and in some cases, diseases. I'm not kidding...St. Vitalis of Assissi is the patron saint of "sicknesses and diseases affecting the genitals." Being that certain patron saints are designated by how they died or were martyred, my research stopped there.

Professions, however, would make a lot more sense, although it would probably be expected that it would be for "traditional" occupations such as doctors or builders or farmers. Not something like real estate.

This guy is selling statuettes of St. Joseph (item #170122854181), the Patron Saint of Real Estate. Obviously, it's intended as a joke, although I did some research just to make sure. St. Joseph of Arimathea (not to be confused with St. Joseph of Nazareth, the adopted father of Jesus Christ), is one biblical figure, noted as the patron saint of funeral directors. However, one could actually argue real estate, though -- he donated his tomb to Jesus Christ after his crucifixion.

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