Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Caveat emptor is the repeated mantra throughout this blog, even doubly so for anything that you'll be putting into your system such as drugs, supplements, and medication.

However, there is thankfully a lot of material to aid you on your search for information on whatever you're interested in knowing. However, I know better than to use stuff that I bought from eBay to give me information, especially when there are tons of other resources that don't require the use of a paypal account.

Phentermine (alternately spelt "phentirmine") is a weight loss supplement which is a controlled substance in some regions, and has also been combined with fenfluramine to create Fen-Phen, which was proven to be an effective weight loss supplement. Too bad that the users had a tendency to develop heart valve disease.

But anywho, this eBayer is selling an eBook about everything you needed to know about diet pills (item #180125095493). I guess this is good for people who don't know what a library is.

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