Saturday, August 04, 2007

Chris Farley BIRTH CERTIFICATE Saturday Night Live Star

This actually borders on somewhat tasteless, and we'll ignore the fact that this is improperly labeled as a "birth certificate," especially when the thing clearly says "deceased" on it.

For fans of the larger-than-life Saturday Night Live star Chris Farley, this is a morbid way to remember a well known comedian who had such memorable characters such as that guy who was "living in a van down by the river."

Allegedly, one of the more popular skits happened by accident. When Farley was in a rig that was intended to hoist him in the air, something when wrong and he ended up hanging there, suspended by the rope rig. For the next few minutes, he hung there and just told fat jokes while waiting for the crew to get him down.

But if you're looking for other types of memorabilia like home theater seating, so you can recreate the Live from New York experience, you can forget it. The audience seating is technically on loan from Yankees Stadium, as it was believed that the show was only going to be on the air for a short time. 20-something seasons later...

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