Saturday, July 28, 2007

Depends Extra Absorbency Lg Underware 18 count

One of the byproducts of an aging population is that we have an increased need for incontinence supplies. So, if you too have problems keeping it in, you can buy products on eBay specifically for that. Heck, they have their own CATEGORY for that.

From the product description:

"New in Bag. From my father-in-laws estate. Depend underware [SIC] size large for waist 44 to 54 inches. 18 per bag. Absorbency Extra or Super Plus. Pull on and off. UPC# 36000-19272."

This guy is not really instilling much faith for me in the American public school system, especially when the correct spelling for the product is written on the FRICKIN' PACKAGE. Personally, if I was left with personal care supplies for special needs from a loved one, I'd be more inclined to donate it to the charity of my choice. The fact that he is trying to unload it on eBay leads me to believe that the seller didn't exactly win out in a big way when his father passed away.

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