Monday, July 23, 2007

GIRL FIGURE ACCESSORIES 1:18 diecast car truck anime 4

For race fans and those intrested in truck accessories (well, that's at least what eBay spat out when I punched in the keywords), we have what the eBay seller promises, that "they look so realistic that it adds an attractive addition to any collection."

Given that it's Japanese animation, doesn't that kinda negate the whole "realistic" angle? I'm a fan of anime art as much as the next guy, but one of the whole appeals of anime art is the level of cartoonishness. Women in general do not look like Major Motoko from Ghost in the Shell, and most Asian people don't have eyes as big as hard boiled eggs.

The eBayer goes on to state, "These Race Girls will have friends asking and admiring!" As these aren't necessarily based on licensed characters, it won't necessarily get me "admiring" per se. It will get me asking a lot of questions. Just not the ones the seller seems to intend.

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