Saturday, July 28, 2007

And now a word from our sponsor...

As we take a break from trying to find Jesus Christ in a grilled cheese sandwich and people selling their virginity on eBay, we now take time to get a word from and for today’s sponsor, Canvas on Demand.

These guys are offering high-quality digital prints on mounted canvas, suitable for hanging on the surface of your choice (alas, actual hooks and anchors from which it can be hung are not included, so I ended up leaning mine over the fire place). The procedure is relatively simple. All the company requires is a digital image (ie: TIFF, JPG), and then provide the desired specifications (size, finish, digital image effects, etc.).

The version you are looking at is the basic canvas with no special options. Instead of submitting multiple photos and having them create a collage, I opted to create my own using Adobe Photoshop, and then submitted the .JPG. Those without computer skills can have their own collage created for a fee. While most would probably have one moment commemorated, for which this would be an ideal gift (ie: graduation, wedding, or anniversary gift), but I opted for multiple events.

Using the minimal options, a 16x20 print (pictured here) will run you about $89 USD, which is decent, although only time will tell if this will stand up to harsh light conditions, which customized frames are designed to do. However, given how “disposable” digital photography tends to be, this might not be such a big deal. At $89, you can still shop around, however, but then, mine was provided as a sample. But it’s a niiiiice sample.

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