Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ring For Service Counter Call Bell Hotel Desk Reception

This is a fairly standard item, but for under $10, you can get get standard equipment that you'd find at reception desks. More specifically, a ring-for-service bell.

While the seller purports to sell items that are "unusual and hard-to-get", this is something that you can usually find in any Staples/Office Depot. But, it's notable how they market this particular item -- as it's something that's used to gain an edge in a married relationship.

I'm a firm believer that everyone should do their part in any sort of relationship based on one's abilities. For example, it would be fairly unreasonable to ask someone who doesn't know how to cook to do so, but would be fair for the other things (laundry, vacuuming, etc.), and thankfully, the seller is not intending this to be a serious auction.

As the seller notes: "Why strain your voice with yelling or nagging when you can ring the bell as a signal to bring food or as a reminder that work needs to be done?" The seller signs off with, "Not recommended by marriage counselors." Good call.

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