Monday, August 13, 2007

Financial Accounting And Reporting by Joyce A. Straw...

With the search engine on eBay, it's not the most intelligent. Say, I'm looking for financial reporting software, and I punch in keywords to that effect, it'll spit out anything but. Possibly because eBay isn't the best place to get services like that, unless you're really really desperate.

What it spat out instead was a listing for an old business text book from 2004. The seller is offering it for $27.45 (buy it now price), plus $8.75 shipping. I was about to gripe about the shipping charge, and considering that it's a fairly hefty volume, it's fairly reasonable. But, considering the fact that textbooks are replaced on a semester-by-semester basis, one can be pretty sure that this book will be pretty out of date.

Otherwise, eBay is a pretty good resource for those selling and buying used textbooks for post-secondary education. Considering the exhorbant prices charged by University book stores and the absolute pitiful buy-back prices on textbooks, this is probably a better deal than you could get from a University book store (either through the buy-back program or purchasing used). But then, the book is 3 years old.

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