Saturday, August 04, 2007 ACCIDENT Attorney Lawyer Legal Law WEB

Proving once again, it pays to pay attention to the listing. And, legitimate lawyers who are successful and will help you will not necessarily advertise through eBay.

So, you get in an accident and need someone that specializes, like say, a truck accident lawyer. While "" is a fairly easy-to-remember domain name, I'd prefer to be a little more discriminating when it comes to hiring help for such an important case.

Domain squatting (aka cybersquatting) is an old practice that has long since ceased to become profitable. Some will remember the days when enterprising computer users would buy up domain names for well known companies that were a little slow to get on-line, then charge up the nose to these companies. But, when the only things that are available are the likes of "," it indicates that companies are a little more on the ball.

This guy is selling it for $299 USD...and that's the buy-it-now price.

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