Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dic a Doo Paint Brush Bath 1950's Eames in Original Box

Indeed, at eBay, you can get something for the person who has just about everything. However, it'd have to be a very, very specific person to get full appreciation out of something like this (auction #7246190675). Especially when it's described as "still has some of the original contents inside."
For the Buy-It-Now price of $4.99 and the shipping cost of $6.00, you can be the proud owner of a vintage Paint Brush Bath kit.

The oddly-named 1950's company Dic-A-Doo appears to have been a paint accessories company, although a search of Google reveals absolutely nothing, except more eBay auctions, which also happen to be trying to unload Dic-A-Doo paint accessories.

As to whom is putting bids on this item? So far, the seller has provided the option of the "Buy it Now," so there are no bids on this product. If they were, I can only assume that they aren't people who are involved in professional house painting, although $10.99 is tough to beat for a vintage product that still has "some of the original contents inside." However, when $0.10 (in 1950) is adjusted for inflation (for 2007), it's only about $0.84. That, and for a few extra bucks, you can probably get a fully functional brush cleaning kit that has ALL of the original contents inside.

But, you know what they say about trash and treasure.

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