Saturday, January 28, 2006

Signed Autograph photo of DeadBodyGuy w/ tie

With the speed of e-mail and information, internet celebrities are a dime a dozen. Everything from funny webpages to viral video clips boost the profiles of ordinary Joes who would be otherwise toiling in obscurity. A video clip of William Hung butchering of Ricky Martin's "She Bangs," a widely circulated sex video of Paris Hilton, and the hapless Star Wars Kid playing with a golfball retriever have captured the spare time of millions of internet users everywhere. While one could make the case against Paris Hilton (being a model and the heiress of a multimillion dollar fortune), William Hung and the Star Wars Kid would have otherwise been forgotten if not for the Internet.

Now, we have this guy.

Dubbing himself DeadBodyGuy, he is an aspiring actor whose dream is to be featured as a corpse in movies and television. To help him with that, his website has a collection of photos depicting the DBG in a series of hilariously morbid situations, whether it be the end result of running with scissors, being rampled to death by customers trying to get the last Xbox 360 (who steal his), and blowdrying his hair in the bathtub.
So far, his efforts have paid off, as he is on his way to becoming a minor celebrity, having been recently cast in the independent film Stiffs and having been featured in the television show What I Like About You.

And where would an actor be without his merchandise? DBG is selling autographed photos of himself on eBay, complete with the necktie used in the shot. While I question the value of his celebrity, merely judging from his website, he seems like a fairly down-to-earth guy who just wants to be in the pictures. Indeed, some of the photos are legitimately funny. It's the people like this who we want to see succeed.

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