Friday, January 13, 2006


In yet another attempt to cash in on the craze of selling pieces of toast with pictures of Jesus Christ in them or Cheetos that vaguely resemble Mother Theresa, this gentleman out of Bluevale, Ontario is selling a rock that resembles "The Scream" as painted by Edvard Munchin in 1883.

According to the specifications of this auction, the rock measures 3.75" x 2" by 2", weighing in at 10 oz (9.5 cm x 5.08cm x 5.08cm @ 0.285 kg, for people who don't live in the USA). His opening bid? $4,495.00 USD. My guess is that the seller is banking on to pick this one up. is an online auction site that has a unique form of advertising. Instead of buying ad space in traditional media outlets (print, web, and broadcast), they generate publicity by buying high-profile oddities on eBay, whether it be Pope Benedict XVI's car or Britney Spears' pregnancy test. They also have a lot of benevolent causes, possibly to deflect any criticism of the nature of their business.

The seller got greedy, though. A look at's previous auctions will indicate that they purchased a Weeping Jesus Rock for $2,550 USD and a rock that was used to escape an angry bear for only $100 USD. You have to squint when doing a cross comparison of the two items to see any sort of resemblance, and even still, it's a major stretch.

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