Monday, January 16, 2006

The Make Your Own Miracle Kit!!!

Now THIS is funny.

Previously, I wrote about high-profile items being purchased by Many of the items featured include religious themed images embedding themselves into objects such as Jesus Christ on a perogi and the Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwhich. So, in response to that, one enterprising individual out of Tallahassee, Florida is offering his very own do-it-yourself miracle kit, which comes complete with a nail and a few stencils that will allow you to scratch the image of Jesus Christ or Elvis Presley on the surface. Best of all, the seller is offering free re-sell rights to the purchaser of the kit.

Religious images being depicted in foodstuffs will always garner equal parts of skepticism and controversy. Skepticism, because there are many non-religious people out there, and just as many who believe that the same results can be attained with a soldering iron and a steady hand. Controversy, because $28,000 USD that was paid for a ten-year-old grilled cheese sandwhich could go to a lot better use.

But on the other hand, who has ever seen a commercial or an ad for Regardless of the methods,'s guerilla marketing strategy is both cost effective and memorable. However, it does indicate a few problems with society, such as the extent people are willing to go to earn money. It also shows how frivolously society in general tends to live.

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