Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trapped Heart Bling Hard Case For HTC G2 Bell Desire Z

Hey, alright...a product on eBay that I actually can write about from personal experience.  The HTC Desire 2.2 (or, more appropriately the HTC Desire Z, running Android 2.2) is the first smart phone that I ever put down money for.  But with something that fancy, you're going to want to protect it with a good case.  And this has probably got to be one of the ugliest cases I've seen.

Myself, I went with one of the clear cases with a vinyl sticker, although clear cases start showing cracks after mere weeks worth of use, so I bought several of them with this in mind (although I'm on my second one right now and it's already showing cracks, and it's not like I was tossing it around). 

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