Monday, January 03, 2011


I typically do a lot of stuff on weight loss supplements so it's rare that I get to write about anything like oxycontin detox.  As it is, it's a highly-regulated painkiller (ie: addictive), so it's highly unlikely that you'll find it on eBay...but they do have a ton of merchandise and freebie crap that's given to doctors so that they'll push it.

The pharmaceutical industry is huge business in the States, especially with the high price of medication and the difficulties that people have with American healthcare.  Stuff like this somewhat indicative of a failing of for-profit healthcare, and when there are financial incentives for doctors to prescribe this medication (it is the top selling non-generic painkiller), and worst of all, the company is actually subject to a lot of lawsuits for misrepresenting their product.

Hence, the need for addiction recovery services.

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