Saturday, January 15, 2011

B&W Photo N9265 Woman standing by kitchen sink

  This is when I remember that eBay is just crammed to the gills with crap that most people wouldn't need under normal circumstances, which would mean that only a very, VERY specific individual would find use for stuff like this, for which they'd probably just create it themselves. 

This particular auction is for a vintage photograph depicting a woman of indeterminate era (possibly 50s?) standing over a kitchen sink. My first thought was about what the significance of the photo is to the seller, which probably isn't any, given that he's selling it to complete strangers on eBay.  Then, as to how the photo was obtained.  Then, as to what use anybody else who doesn't know this person would have for it.

Graphic designers may have a use for this photo, but with no way to verify copyrights, they'd just as soon go for a stock photo agency. 

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