Friday, August 01, 2008

American Founder, Cracked Code Of Universe, For Hire

There are lots of lawyers available for hire. Whether you're looking for a family law lawyer, entertainment lawyer, truck accident lawyer, and...this person right here.

If you have a few minutes, feel free to read the auction, as the person waxes political and philosophical on...I have no idea, actually.

From what she writes, she appears to be a lawyer for hire, although she's not offering any physical or tangible product, although that's not entirely unusual. But the writing does seem a little bit...fruit-cakeish. With this much to read, it's hard to see how she can be hired as a lawyer, as she decided to list her rant under books.

Just a few random snippets from her auction and judge for yourself.

"Ask me about the truth of global nuclear warfare as you are being lied to upon a daily basis, ask me about the actual science behind all miracles, ask me how and when personhood comes into being in the womb as it abounds with hope and ask me how and why the magnetic North Pole moves as it is very, very cool."

Individual questions regarding the workings of the universe may be answered upon request. "

I am the person who can prove God is actual reality using hardcore scientific fact and my own living testimony, not theory and not unreasoned belief. As Einstein used a physical phenomenon to prove Relativity so can I. He used an eclipse; I can prove what I have named Intrinsicity using the Earth's magnetic field. My federal lawsuit is both scientific and legal, another for which is spiritual. Think Lincoln's civic religion only we never want to combine our ethic and our mores as it has never once worked in all of history."

So far, she has one bid. 2 cents.

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