Sunday, February 05, 2006

Not quite Jordan's silicon breast implants

If this isn't illegal, it should be.

One enterprising eBayer is selling a set of used breast implants on eBay. Never mind the fact that this is completely disgusting and probably immoral, but what the is the average sane person person going to do with these things once they receive them in the mail? They're no longer sterile, so they're not suitable for re-implantation. However, it might make for an interesting paperweight. A real conversation piece. Or, a real conversation stopper.

The eBayer in question doesn't exactly have the best grammar and spelling (there is at least one run-on sentence and the writer uses the word "loose" instead of "lose"), which really makes me question the validity of this auction. In addition, the eBayer hasn't even posted photos of "herself" (the eBayer's user name is "mikeblues101", although admittedly, picking a male pseudonym may be used to avoid unwanted comments), instead using a photo of Katie "Jordan" Price, who is doing the same thing.

According to the auction page, the eBayer is modelling "her" auction off of a similar stunt by the said former Page 3 Girl who retired her status after extensive plastic surgery (models who appear in The Sun tabloid must be silicone and saline free). Price is best known for her outrageous antics, constantly chronicled in the UK tabloids, although she remains relatively unknown in North America (except for regular readers of Playboy magazine), but she is retiring her "Jordan" persona (she uses that pseudonym when modelling), having given birth to two children. As part of the reinvention of herself, she's having her breast implants removed and she's having the proceeds from the eBay sale donated to charity.

This goes to show...while some people will buy anything, there are a number of people who'd be willing to sell a lot more than just that. Or, at least put up an eBay page about it.

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Jordan's official fanclub website (WARNING/PROMISE: contains adult content). The official website for Katie "Jordan" Price requires you to part with your credit card number and some personal information before granting access to all the material (although promises that will only cost 50p per week). The site is fairly easy to navigate and is professionally designed, although it is only useful for people who are into that sort of stuff. However, without membership, you are able to buy merchandise whether it be posters or signed magazines. The most amusing piece of merchandise from the site is a novelty breast-shaped stress ball.

Awful Plastic Surgery. This is a blog that chronicles the plights of the rich and famous and what they do to their bodies. Divided into helpful categories such as "Bad Boob Job," "Scary Celebrities," and "Oops, I Messed Up My Face," it serves as a cautionary tale as to the consequences of the attempt to find the perfect body and face. Some of it is really scary as it shows what happens when things go really wrong. As it doesn't advertise a specific product, to ensure continued bandwidth, the site owner allowed "Ads by Google" on the site. However, given that the ads are based on keywords featured in the text, all of these ads are for plastic surgery, which is odd, considering the overall anti-plastic surgery mandate that the site appears to take.

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