Monday, February 06, 2006

Discover How to Beat the Gas Pump Monster - Save Money

Due to tensions in the middle east, increased demand around the world, and the fact that we're on the verge of running out, conventional oil is being pushed towards the dreaded $100/barrel mark. Most people don't seem to realize how deeply ingrained crude oil is towards our lives (food production, plastics, healthcare) and are only worried by how much it ends up costing when filling up.

So, available for a low-low-LOW price of $4.95 USD is 62 Ways to Beat the Gas Pump Monster!, an e-Book available by .PDF, which promises useful hints on how to lower your gas costs.

These days, $4.95 doesn't buy that much gas, but considering that a lot of the tips the writer is offering are already common knowledge, I'd rather be spending that money on gas. By now, we pretty much all know that rough accelleration and braking, unnecessary weight, idling, cold weather, car maintenance, tire pressure, cold weather, and stop and go driving all have an effect on fuel efficiency. But you don't need $4.95 for that...just Google it.

However, that isn't what makes this particular eBay auction bizarre. The fact that the eBayer used a picture of a woman in a thong bending over to attract potential customers is.

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10 Ways to Lower the Cost of Driving: This has a little more legitimacy for me than some unknown eBayer, as it's written by the fine folks at Consumer Reports. Hosted by, the site is readable, professionally designed, and comprehensive.

Life After the Oil Crash: Matt Savinar runs this blog that deals with the long-term consequences of permanent oil depletion. This is really scary stuff, as it talks about everything from government control, environmental degredation, and the socio-economic impact, all of which Savinar predicts we'll be seeing really soon. A fairly readable site and easy to navigate, but expect to NOT sleep after reading it.

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