Saturday, November 22, 2008

ISRAEL MNH stamp Sc#973 family health insurance

This is quite a mundane item, as eBay auctions tend to go, although I'm trying to figure out what it has to do with family health insurance (as noted in the item description). Might've been kinda nice if the seller put a rough translation of the Hebrew writing that is on the stamp, as all I have to go on is the silhouetted family in front.

Bringing it into Photoshop and attempting to resample the image, I could barely make out the words "Health Insurance Institution" and "75th Anniversary" somewhere at the bottom. Further reading and research indicates that Israel has had a universal heathcare system, which is mandatory for all citizens to participate in.

Interesting history lesson, although this seller does not come without caveats...he will only sell to you if you're purchasing a minimum of $10 of stuff, which isn't fun when you're a stamp collector and there's only ONE of his items that you want.

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