Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Opportunity in Brazil : Registered Consulting Business

Could it be? Use of the words "business opportunity" and it's not spam?

Okay, never mind the fact that eBay probably one of the least secure ways to start ones own business, or get a business from someone else. But, considering the fact that the majority of the uses of the word usually involve some e-document that will supposedly teach you the secrets of successfully running (or ruining) your own business. This is an actual rarity, where they are offering the kind of things necessary for a business, such as office equipment, an actual office, and even insurance.

This will be taking place entirely in Brazil, which is on its way to becoming a major economic power (if not already there), although it's considered a bit of a high-risk and volatile market by many investors. As always, caveat emptor.

However, I do find it amusing that they still offer buyer protection via Paypal. Up to $200 buyer protection. For an item that's $39,999.99, the words "drop in the bucket" come to mind.

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