Sunday, March 29, 2009

Merrell Reactor Vent Trail Shoes Boys Girls Kids sz 13

While I'm pretty much free to buy Merrell Shoes in my size whenever my budget allows me to, this auction brought up some really spontaneous bad childhood memories for me. It's also for Merrell Shoes, but what caught my notice was that these shoes were meant for both boys and girls.

Growing up, finding shoes that fit particularly well was always a challenge due to my narrow feet, which meant I wasn't entitled to wearing the cool shoes that everyone else wore. For the most part, I can wear most shoes available today, but was forced to wear New Balance shoes, which were far from "cool" back then.

21,516 results found for sexy lingerie

Punching the words "sexy lingerie" into the search engine at eBay yields an unsurprising number of results. General good taste and attempting to avoid turning this blog into something that's NSFW prevents me from actively showing the pictures that I came up with. Surely enough, one of the standard maxims holds true - the cost of the item is inversely proportional to the amount of material that it includes. A single pair of crotchless panties gets about 12 bids and finishes at $10, whereas a lace teddy that covers from mid-thigh to above the chest goes for $5.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

FREE Hotel Rooms On Your Next Vacation! Grab Yours NOW!

Today, It Came From The (e)Bay goes scam buster he types in the keywords "free hotel rooms" and uncovers this little ditty that purports to sell a gift certificate promising luxury vacations and flights for two for the low, low LOW price of $9.99.

Of course, you're not going to stop'll be spending another $49.95 on top of that once you become a member. They don't go into having to pay for the taxes and the other hidden fees, but you know that they're there.

3 porcelain Bathroom fixtures

It's a really good thing I carefully read the item description, because if you're looking for bathroom fixtures and thought you were getting a good deal for $6 and then when you received a package that's about 5% of the size of the original item, you'd probably be really, really choked.

Pretty good detail, though. Just don't expect that tiny toilet to hold all your leavings.


Finding for baby bedding isn't really hard to do on eBay. Finding GOOD looking baby bedding is a little bit more difficult. Like this little ditty here, a zebra print laundry hamper intended to be sold alongside the matching crib set.

I'm interested in knowing how much influence designs like this have on a child's upbringing or if it's more for the interest of the parents who are looking to show off their baby like the latest fashion accessory.

But then, I'm not a parent. I do stuff for a parenting magazine, but I'm not a parent.

90 ALLI CAPSULES free fast shipping! DIET PILLS !!!!!

If you're looking for the best diet pill, going on eBay might be a bit of a dodgy proposition. With the sheer amount of vendors on eBay, you'll find thousands upon thousands of entries. Like this one.

This goes by the name Alli, the generic version of a drug called Orlistat. As the type of person that doesn't have to worry so much about what I eat (at least not yet), these ads kinda astound me. The solution is "simple" as it and exercise, but understandably, it's more difficult for some people. But to take a drug that turns just about everything you eat into Olestra?

Friday, March 20, 2009


The more time I spend on eBay, the more things I learn about the world around me. This comes in handy for trivia games and research, as you learn some of the most useless crap around. For example, looking up cattle supplies opens up a huge world of products specifically for the farming industry. More specifically, they actually sell adhesive for cattle. However, not knowing much about the world of farming, it'll require a lot more research to figure out what the final purpose of this is for.

And lo-and-behold, it's the equivalent of hair gel for cattle. Who knew?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Luxury Living Room Sylvanian Families Hotel Furniture

There isn't a lot to find on eBay in the way of luxury hotel rooms, and surely enough, entering those keywords won't get you any further than this...

This gives you an interesting idea how much keywords can be manipulated to give varying search results whenever you want to find anything, as this particular item was just about the only thing that came up that matched all three keywords.

I don't know if this has anything to do with search engine optimization, as this would've been the last item I was expecting to see, especially since it has very little to do with hotels to begin with. Maybe it's a UK phenomenon? Possibly, as this isn't something that's often seen on North American toy commercials.